Buy A Cyber Truck? | Jim Shorkey

Season #3

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Despite being a huge slab of metal, the cyber truck is one of the most viewed car videos on the internet right now. It seems Tesla's marketing efforts are paying off, but why? What makes this electric vehicle so interesting to people? We dive into this intriguing case study, straying a bit from our usual discussions, in hopes that our audience will find it enjoyable.

As a car salesman himself, Jim shares his thoughts on the matter. However, he admits that since he doesn't sell Tesla, his knowledge about the brand is limited. Despite this, he provides some insight into the world of entrepreneurship and how it relates to the electric vehicle market.

Jim explains that entrepreneurs identify a need in the world and then create a solution for that need. In the case of electric vehicles, there's a clear need for more sustainable transportation options. However, he raises concerns about the high cost of these vehicles and whether or not the average person can afford them.

This episode is not just about Tesla or the cyber truck; it's about understanding market needs, rethinking sales strategies, and questioning whether popular products are really as good as they're made out to be.

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