Stop Skipping Sleep | Jim Shorkey

Season #3

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In this episode, we explore a topic often overlooked in sales - the importance of rest.

As salespersons, we often push ourselves to the limit, making countless phone calls and working longer hours in the hopes of achieving better results. But does going faster always translate to doing better?

Join us as we delve into how rest can empower us to perform better in sales and other areas of our lives. Drawing insights from various sources, including Rapid Learning Institute, HubSpot, and Sales Gravy, we discuss how well-rested salespeople are more capable of learning from their customers and maintaining a positive mindset crucial for success.

Our discussion also highlights the wisdom of Dr. Matt Walker, a sleep scientist, and author of 'Why We Sleep.' He emphasizes that adequate sleep is not a luxury but necessary for achieving peak performance.

So tune in, rethink your approach to rest, and discover how it could be the missing piece in your sales strategy. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave us a review. Your feedback helps us deliver content that truly matters to you. Enjoy the show!