Why I Am Done... (Jim's New Motto) | Jim Shorkey

Season #3

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The Power of Change 🔥: The pain of not changing must be more powerful than the pain of change. Listen as we explore Derek’s wife’s advice and how Jim developed a whole new motto that will change his life forever.

00:00 Welcome to Rethink Sales: Embracing Change for Growth

01:37 The Power of Incremental Improvements and Discipline

03:20 Choosing Between the Pain of Discipline and the Pain of Regret

05:35 The Life-Changing Decision: I Am Done

08:50 The Compounding Effect of Small Changes

10:38 Overcoming Adversity: Jim's Personal Journey

11:37 The Mental and Physical Discipline of Cold Showers

13:39 Making the Decision to Change and the Impact of 'I Am Done'