The REthink Sales Show

The REthink Sales Show

Hosted by: Jim Shorkey

A podcast dedicated to discussing the practical solutions to becoming a Goal Achiever rather than lofty ideals.


Jim Is Back

Season #2

Nearly a year after having a stroke, Jim Shorkey and Derek Kelly are back to talk recovery, goal setting, discipline strategies, and more. In this episode, we'll dive deep into Jim's remarkable recovery journey after...
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Update on Jim's Health

Season #2

Hey everyone, this is Derek Kelly. I wanted to give you an update on Jim's health. As many of you know, Jim and I post updates every week to his page, to my page, and to the Results from Thinking page, and we haven't...
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Answering Your Most Asked Questions

Season #2 Episode #40

In this episode, Jim Shorkey and Derek Kelly answer your most asked questions like,Β  what is the most important step in the sales process, and what are the practical steps that Jim has used to go from not knowing how...
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Why Suzuki and Daewoo Failed in America

Season #2 Episode #39

In the early 2000's Suzuki and Daewoo went bankrupt. In today's episode, I'll tell you how I learned firsthand what to do in moments of defeat, what to do in moments of opportunity, and how to turn it all around. Join...
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How To Invest Money 2022

Season #2 Episode #38

Do you want to know what the steps are to build wealth, practically? In this episode, we break down how to invest money for beginners in 2022, 2023, and beyond.Join Jim Shorkey (former CEO of the Jim Shorkey Auto...
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The New Rules of Aging Well

Season #2 Episode #37

πŸ€” Did you know that being a massively successful salesperson REQUIRES you to be healthy. πŸš€ Sales is a demanding profession that can take a toll on your health if you’re not proactive. In today's episode, we tackle...
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Top Strategy and Communication Tips for Salespeople

Season #2 Episode #36

You need a massively successful sales strategy to grow your sales. You need to know it has worked for many others and how to implement it right now.Β  In this video, Derek Kelly and I are going to tell you how by...
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How to Build Wealth in a Recession

Season #2 Episode #35

Is there a science to getting rich? In this episode, Derek Kelly and I explore how to build wealth during a recession, why bringing more value to the hour is crucial at this time, and we answer the much-asked...
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Sales vs Marketing Which is More Important

Season #2 Episode #34

Which is most important to your business. Is it sales? Is it marketing? And how do these two pieces play together to help your business grow?In this episode, Derek and I dive deep into the importance of sales as the...
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How to Overcome Fear in Sales

Season #2 Episode #33

Communication is crucial to becoming an expert in sales. In this episode, Derek and I talk about how to overcome fear in sales, my $5 million sales techniques that you can implement right now .and advanced...
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How to Increase Your Sales Closing Rate

Season #2 Episode #32

The age-old question is can you sell anything to anyone? The answer is no. But in this video, Derek and I are going to talk about what you can do to improve your sales closing rate and what it looks like to stay...
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How To Get A Job As A Salesperson

Season #2 Episode #31

Do you want to know how to crush a sales interview and get the job? In this video, Derek and I talk about practical sales interview advice, how to improve your sales process along the way, and sales training tips that...
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