The REthink Sales Show

The REthink Sales Show

Hosted by: Jim Shorkey

A podcast dedicated to discussing the practical solutions to becoming a Goal Achiever rather than lofty ideals.


You'll Fail Alone

Season #1 Episode #23

You weren’t made to do it alone. Whether you have a great business idea, strategy, invention, or plan, doing it alone will mean you WILL fail.You won’t fail because you’re not good enough, smart enough, or capable...
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You’re Doing Persistence Wrong

Season #1 Episode #22

Join me in today's podcast as we discuss how to accomplish the goals in front of us using tools that I've learned in persistence even in difficult times. Join Jim Shorkey (former CEO of the Jim Shorkey Auto Group) and...
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I Hate Get Rich Quick Schemes

Season #1 Episode #20

"Oh, the places you will go.." Places towards health, having a whole marriage, managing a successful business, and prosperity. The internet is full of get-rich-quick schemes...this isn't another one of those messages....
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The Science of Getting Rich

Season #1 Episode #19

Is there a framework for getting rich? I believe there is and I will share it with you today! Listen as Derek Kelly and I share our experiences in developing wealth, in creating a mindset to achieve wealth. This is...
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Nothing to Lose

Season #1 Episode #18

Imagine you are $55,000 in debt. Tomorrow your checks will bounce. You stand on the bank step waiting... hoping for a solution... This isn't just your problem. This is your parent's legacy.Join Jim Shorkey (former CEO...
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Achieving Your Goals with Ms. World America Mrs. 19-20' Cassandra Bannon Wallace

Season #1 Episode #17

I was honored to Interview Ms. World America Mrs. 19-20’, Cassandra Bannon Wallace. Cassandra is a rockstar through and through, But just like the rest of us, she has had her fair share of challenging experiences,...
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How to Get Unstuck with Connie Capiotis

Season #1 Episode #16

Today I am joined by Connie Capiotis from Full Flavor Leadership. Connie and I spent today talking about FUN. Have you ever felt stuck in your life? Have you ever felt like you are unsure of how to move...
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What is Specialized Knowledge and Why Do You Need It?

Season #1 Episode #15

Have you spent months trying to determine what to do and how to do it?Maybe it's with your....BusinessHealthFinancesor MarriageThe reality is seeking expert council changed my life and allowed me to have experts...
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How to Stop Wasting Time with P.J. Pryor

Season #1 Episode #14

Want to Learn the Shorkey Way?  Today I talk with P.J. Pryor who is a sales and leasing consultant at the Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group about the importance of prioritizing our time. I believe so many of us waste...
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You Must Take Action Today

Season #1 Episode #13

Having a clear answer to these questions could change your life forever.I want you to ask yourself:What are you reading?What are you writing?What are you listening to?Who are you hanging out with?Join Jim Shorkey...
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Inspired by Hannah and Hannah's Marine Awareness

Season #1 Episode #12

If You Can Only Watch One... This is It... 🙏🙏🙏My niece Hannah means the world to me. She had a personality that would light up a room the moment she walked in. It was riveting. Her energy Inspired everyone around...
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Desire Backed By Faith Knows No Such Word as Impossible

Season #1 Episode #11

What if BELIEF paired with a DEFINITE DESIRE could actually help you achieve your most important goals in life. Listen to this episode to find out how.Join Jim Shorkey (former CEO of the Jim Shorkey Auto Group) and...
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