The REthink Sales Show

The REthink Sales Show

Hosted by: Jim Shorkey

A podcast dedicated to discussing the practical solutions to becoming a Goal Achiever rather than lofty ideals.


29: REthink Sales

Season #2 Episode #29

No-one else ever sold Kias the way we did. You see, 20 years ago Kia had a very different brand strategy then it does today. In this episode Derek and I talk about how we went from selling 100 Kias a year to selling...
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28: REthink Your Team

Season #2 Episode #28

For many of you, you are a one to two-person sales team, and you're wondering how to grow your team. You've heard Jim's stories. You've listened to my stories and asked what it looks like. Today, we're joined by...
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27: REthink Your Morning

Season #2 Episode #27

Oh, the famous morning routine. It's talked about everywhere, from self-help to sales and entrepreneur books. It's said that you need a morning routine. Let me tell you. There are ways to create an excellent morning...
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26: REthink Your Workday

Season #2 Episode #26

Maximizing the time you have during your work day is super crucial. It impacts your bottom line, the number of clients you can serve, and the sales you can have at the end of the day, at the end of the week, and at...
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25: REthink Sleep

Season #2 Episode #25

In this episode Derek Kelly and Jim Shorkey talk sleep and the importance of it. The average person spends a third of their life asleep. And yet, despite its importance, we often don't give sleep the attention it...
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24: Why The Name Change

Season #2 Episode #24

Derek Kelly and Jim Shorkey share about why they are renaming the Pragmatist Podcast to the Rethink Sales Podcast. Even if you are not a sales person, these episodes will be practical and insight in your own personal...
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